Welcome to the Tax Advisory Office

Our office has advised clients for 20 years.

We offer advising services in the field of taxes, law and finance.
While establishing a company or partnership, you can use our experience and knowledge of constantly changing law regulations.
After establishing a company in Poland, you start operating in the EU.
You are entitled to tax return, national insurance and tax optimization. You can invest, buy fixed properties and other capital assets.
Our company takes responsibility for your tax return in the tax office. We settle companies and partnerships income taxes and do VAT, TAX FREE, national health insurance – monthly and yearly.
We have many contacts in financial institutions, offices and banks.


Registration of a company from 590 GBP

  • registration of commercial law companies
  • low seed capital of 5 000 PLN
  • registration of VAT
  • the company is the subject to Polish law

Office space to let or an address made available from 39 GBP per month.

  • a prestigious address
  • answering your correspondence
  • answering incoming phone calls
  • rooms for meetings
  • letters translation

Opening bank accounts from 19 GBP

  • company and private bank accounts
  • foreign currency accounts

Property expertise from 59 GBP

  • fixed properties evaluation
  • movables evaluation

Insurance from 1%

  • personal insurance
  • property insurance
  • means of transport insurance

Online currency exchange:



Tax consulting services from 29 GBP

  • consulting in choosing the form of business activity
  • tax optimization
  • representing in offices
  • NIP EU registration
  • EORI registration
  • VAT

Legal consulting services from 39 GBP

  • help with setting up and registration a company in courts and offices
  • drawing up agreements and statutes
  • current consulting services during running business activity

Investment consulting services from 1%

  • risk assessment
  • consulting in the field of choosing investment
  • apartments by the sea
  • building and farming plots
  • developer flats
  • service establishments
  • office blocks

Business consulting services from 1%

  • preparing agreements
  • buying/selling fixed properties

Financial consulting services from 1%

  • negotiating financial conditions
  • representing in banks
  • possibility of financing in currencies such as PLN / EUR / CHF / USD


  • cars
  • tractor units
  • coaches
  • machines and devices
  • fixed properties

Bank loans

  • for companies from 5,5%
  • cash loans from 9,9%
  • car loans from 8,5%
  • mortgages from 5%


  •  national and international
  • with or without regression


Daniel Gawryczuk